Lunchtable Links Aug 24, 2015

Posted 24 August 2015 by Kate
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There were only a few people at lunch today, but we talked about a lot about movies and TV shows

  • Our favorite horror movies, that may or may not have scared the bejeezus out of us [Ed. note: The Ring is my scariest, but not my favorite because it was TOO SCARY.] [Rotten Tomatoes]
  • 90s TV shows that totally hold up. Our favorites this week: MacGyver and Star Trek: TNG. [AV Club]
  • Isabella Rossellini is awesome. This interview of her and Mario Batali is so cool and Italian [Interview Magazine]

Lunchtable Links Aug 19, 2015

Posted 19 August 2015 by Kate
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Recommendations from the Swayspace team to get you through a mid-week slump..

  • Under the Skin is a weird, beautiful, and atmospheric movie, and everyone should watch it so we can talk about it [Metacritic]
  • The Magicians is a fantasy trilogy for the Harry Potter generation now that we're older [Amazon]
  • For a slightly shorter – yet very emotional – experience, listen to this Radiolab story from Jon Ronson about the artificial intelligence of Bina48 and the very human story behind it. [Radiolab]
  • If watching The Knick on HBO Go doesn't sound appetizing, listening to Sawbones is a great way to learn about the history of medicine without being so grossed out by fake gore. [Sawbones]

Lunchtable Links Aug 14, 2015

Posted 14 August 2015 by Kate

Before the links, a couple of very important requests.

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  2. Tweet @krneely pictures of non-soccermom short haircuts. Halp.

Ok, here are the links! Happy weekend!

  • This tasty green bean salad graced our actual lunch table [Taste of Home]
  • Measuring spaghetti is a pain, but the clever folks at Macaroni Bros have got you covered with this useful business card [Card Observer]
  • Willy is really excited about the rumored Deadwood movie [Entertainment Weekly]

Lunchtable Links Aug 12, 2015

Posted 12 August 2015 by Kate
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Today at lunch, we travelled back in time to talk about word processors and rotary phones, briefly visit the present to see what the snake people are up to, and venture into the future for some goat men and lab-grown jackets.

  • Remember word processors? I don't. Thanks to patient coworkers for explaining these to the 20-somethings in the office. [Wikipedia]
  • Every generation has garbage people, and they get all the attention. Like these dudes who use dating & hook-up apps to sleep with as many women as possible. [Vanity Fair]
  • This f****ing man tried to live like a f****ing goat. [Vice]
  • Some mad-scientist type decided to grow a leather jacket in a lab, although the result is a little small. [New Scientist]

Booty had me like...

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Lunchtable Links Aug 11, 2015

Posted 11 August 2015 by Kate
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  • Bon Appetit makes full use of 11 second videos to show people the right way to cut up tricky summer fruit [Instagram]
  • Benedict Cumberbatch asks fans not to record Hamlet [Vanity Fair]
  • This Onion article that is hilarious and sadly accurate about how women (especially famous women) are treated like they'd be lucky to date whatever neanderthal would have them... I feel a feminist rant coming on... [The Onion]